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Social Skills Training


Kids Incorporated Psychology would like to acknowledge the First Nations people as the traditional custodians of the land. We recognise the country of the Gold Coast as the home of the Yugambeh and Kombumerri people, we recognise the country of Northern NSW as the home of the Bundjalung people, and we pay deep respect to all Elders, past, present, and future.



We have adapted our practice in line with the recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society, in relation to COVID-19, to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

KidsInc can offer a Telehealth session, either through video or telephone, during this difficult time.

If your psychologist is available for face to face sessions, you will be asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines and utilise our sanitisation station. You will be required to respond to a series of questions in relation to your movements and level of health at the present time.

We have asked that if you or your child is unwell with flu-like symptoms, please select a Telehealth service. If you require any further information, please feel free to call us at our rooms.

Specialist Child Psychology Services

Kids Inc helps parents take control of difficult child behaviours. We give parents the chance to develop positive and caring relationships with their children.

We see parents and children together in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We use clinical interviews, observation and standardised tests to determine the next steps for your child.

Child and Development Assessments. We provide assessments for Developmental Delay and for all childhood psychological disorders. These assessments vary depending on your child’s presentation. Some conditions require a complex assessment such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, this will be provided over a number of sessions and may include an observation in a social setting.

Psychological treatment. We will develop a treatment plan for your child, in consultation with your other treatment providers and teachers.

At Kids Inc we offer the following services

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Psychological Treatment for children
  • Treatment for OCD
  • Social Skills training
  • Positive Parenting
  • Psychological Treatment for adults
  • Advice and support for parents

We use the following developmental check-list as part of our assessment.

How we can help?

Kids Incorporated helps parents to take control of difficult child behaviors. We give parents the chance to develop positive and caring relationships with their children.

Parents are given support to continue to cope and create good role models.

We will provide a clinical assessment of the issues and help parents feel we understand the problems before we provide a program. We know parenting can be difficult and at times distressing. Parents are given support to continue to cope and create good role models. It is also essential to maintain your child’s self-esteem throughout the therapeutic process.

KidsInc is a registered provider for NDIS. We will support parents throughout this process and help you develop treatment plans. We have a network of therapists and are very familiar with the clinical requirements to ensure optimal development for your child.

We provide NDIS support for adults as all our psychologists also work with adults.

We provide programs to assist with behavioural problems:

  • Temper tantrums
  • Toileting problems
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying and being bullied
  • Hurting children and animals
  • Social withdrawal
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Stealing
  • Adjustment issues in divorce and separation
  • Conflict resolution.

What happens when you attend our practice?

Usually you will have been referred by a General Practitioner. Your GP may refer you under the Mental Health Care Plan if he/she believes the problems are psychological. If you are referred under a Mental Health Care Plan the costs are determined under a sliding scale.

Alternatively, you can refer yourself to our practice and pay the fee privately or it can be billed to your private health fund.

We see parents and children together. We can also see a parent on their own if they need to explain a child’s history and they would prefer to do this privately. Your child can wait in the waiting room.

If your child requires a diagnostic assessment this is usually completed over several sessions. 

During your child’s treatment with KidsInc, Dr Salisbury and our psychologists will communicate with your GP. KidsInc may need to conduct observations at home and school and in this case you will need to provide consent for this to occur.

Psychological Report’s are not funded under Medicare and are billed privately. Cognitive assessments and reports are not funded under Medicare and are billed privately.

Yoga for Kids

Give your child confidence with Yoga

We provide yoga classes for children to assist children to develop flexibility, strength, emotional control and improve balance and focus. Our classes are fun based learning where children can gain confidence. Our instructor uses humour, play, music and stories to help children increase their self esteem and build confidence.

Classes can be helpful to children who have been bullied and have lost confidence. It also improves social skills and helps kids feel a sense of achievement.

Classes are available for children with disabilities, including autism,  developmental delay, anxiety and behavior problems.

Our resident Yogi (Yoga teacher) is qualified as a Radiant Child Yoga Teacher and has 20 years experience as a yoga practitioner.

Please contact us for class times and fees.

Social Skills Training

Social Skills keep kids connected

Emotional wellbeing has been shown to improve sleep, anxiety, improve confidence and help in goal attainment. The importance of listening skills cannot be underestimated. A person who listens well is more likely to understand directions that are given to them and less likely to make unnecessary mistakes. Listening is a very important part of communication as well and enables people to understand others and make friendships.

The KidsInc Social Skills Programs are provided for kids 5 years to 8 years  and for kids 9 years to 13 years.

These programs run during the year for 10 sessions. The programs are for 1 hour and we encourage kids to do this program with one of our YOGA programs for maximum benefit.

Kids who are on the Autistic Spectrum can access the social skills programs and the Secret Agent Society Program.

Our Programs

Secret Agent Society

Social interactions can be difficult to navigate. The Secret Agent Society (SAS) is a targeted small group program to help kids 8 to 12 years of age crack the code of emotions and friendships.

While they’re having fun developing ‘secret agent’ skills, children learn how to recognise and manage their own feelings, cope with change, detect other people’s emotions, talk and play with others and deal with bullying.

Parents and school staff are an integral part of the group program and receive resources and support to help their young ‘secret agents’ develop and practise new skills in real-life settings.

Cool kids anxiety program

Middle childhood is a time for exploration, learning and growing. A key part of a child’s development comes from interacting with friends. For some children, social skills are tricky to learn and master. Kids Inc offers a target social skills program for children aged 5-8 to help boost social skills and social confidence.

Growing up in todays world presents many unique challenges for children. With the world ever evolving, it can be difficult for parents to navigate certain issues of today’s children. Kids Inc offers a boys and girls group for children aged 9-13 where they can come explore and learn to deal with the issues they face in day today life.

Mother’s group

Being a mother can feel like one of life’s most rewarding experiences, it can also feel like life’s most challenging journey. Anxiety, depression, fatigue and poorer health are often felt by mothers.

It is sometime comforting to know that the journey we are on is a path shared by others. Kids Inc offers mothers a space to share, learn and grow through the facilitation of a mother’s group.

Living with
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The cycle of OCD and the anxiety caused can unbalance children, adolescence, and adults. This can disrupt social, academic, work and family lives. To address this through education and evidence based treatment Michelle Parker-Tomlin at Kids INC is a registered psychologist with a number of years’ experience working with and treating OCD. She is available to help face and fight OCD.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is the new way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers. The NDIS supports people with disability to build skills so they can participate in the community and improve their wellbeing.

The NDIS can pay for supports that are related to a person’s disability, help them live a good life and achieve their goals. People with an NDIS Plan can access therapy and assessments from The Psychology Spot.

This service is free to you and therapy or assessment session fees are drawn from your NDIS Plan. Click here for more information on NDIS fees and late cancellation policies.


Our psychologists have years of experience supporting people with disability and we understand the NDIS system. We work together with participants, carers, support coordinators and other professionals to ensure that the work is collaborative.

We have a range of psychologists that provide therapy, so we can match people with the right style of support. We see adults, children, adolescents and couples under the NDIS.

As well as providing counselling and therapy, our psychologists also provide these NDIS assessment services:

Functional assessments

to assess a person’s abilities, disabilities, strengths, challenges, improvements or decline in functioning; and areas that require support

Intellectual Disability

to determine whether a person meets the diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability. A cognitive assessment, adaptive assessment and history taking interview are necessary to make a diagnosis

Cognitive assessments

to assess a person’s IQ